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What's a Good Strategy to Use to Find a Great Teammate for My Government Contracts?

Author: Tim Hagerty / CEO

What a good-looking question.

There are a few interesting, off the beaten path sort of ways to go about this but the real question is, how do I make sure that the teammates I find can help me win my government contracts?

I’d say that if you can find a company that has excellent past performance in areas of your business that you don’t have, and could compliment your own, then you ‘re ahead of the game.

So, based on this let’s think about how to go about finding a potential teammate. Before TeamingPro I would go to the SBA’s website to find small businesses with certain capabilities, set-asides and stuff like that. Here’s the link:

It’s still operational and a great resource to help quickly find companies for certain skill sets. From this site I’d pull down the company’s contact information and start emailing and calling away. Now this site won’t give me companies based on their past performance, but I can find companies based on their capabilities and dollars to doughnuts, if it’s a listed capability, there’s most likely going to be some past performance in there somewhere. This will have a direct tie to the government contracts for bid you're hoping to win.

I think I did so well with this approach because I always had an opportunity picked out and studied before I made contact. This gave us something relevant to talk about and start the relationship building process on.

So, there you have it, a good, relevant strategy to use to find some companies based on “past performance”, or at least the next best thing.

Now I have to put in a shameless plug, if you use TeamingPro, it’s all about actual past performance and it’s really simple to click an opportunity and see the best companies to call. Ok, that’s all I’ll say about that.

Until the next,

Tim Hagerty / CEO

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