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TeamingPro FAQ

AutoConnect is a massive search engine for the federal market that searches and matches every active company in the industry by their capabilities.

We developed AutoConnect so prime contractors and federal agencies can discover small businesses that match their jobs or requirements and easily reach out to them thereby increasing small business participation in the federal market.

If you're an active federal contractor, we have your company's data pre-loaded in our system. The primes and federal agencies use this data to filter companies that match their requirements.

Prime contractors and federal agencies set up an AutoConnect for their job or opportunity and our system matches companies to their requirements. The subcontractor is then emailed about the job or opportunity and can decide if they're interested.

Subcontractors need to be a subscriber in order to show interest and interact. Companies pay a $499 annual fee for unlimited AutoConnects from unlimited primes and federal agencies.

Prime contractors and government agencies want to know that you’re invested in your business. This shows them that you’re dedicated.

Unlimited access to all prime and federal agency AutoConnect requests as well as the ability to amplify your company's visibility so more primes and federal agencies can find your company.

You'll also have access to search features for opportunities, incumbent companies and more as well as other connection and company vetting features.

If you ever have any questions, you can email or call us and we'll support your needs as quickly as possible. If you would like some training, we'll schedule a Zoom or WebEx call and get you and your team up-to-speed.

We're here to support you.