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Connect with Companies in the Federal Market Faster!

Easier, better and federal market wide.

Connect with Companies in the Federal Market Faster!

Easier, better and federal market wide.

“We won a $45 million Dollar IDIQ contract with a partner we found on TeamingPro, during our trial!”

- Illeana Evans President at AMS Consulting and Design Inc.

Federal contracting runs on relationships.

Quickly discover, vet and connect with the right companies in the federal market and easily manage your relationships to grow your business faster!

Effortlessly discover and vet any company in the federal market.

Quickly connect with companies that make sense for your business.

Easily track, manage and grow your relationships.

Quickly discover companies that will help your business grow faster.

Our point and click company search quickly indentifies the right companies to connect with so you can grow more profitable relationships faster.

Easily discover companies that are a fit for your business's growth.

Filter companies by capabilities, government customers and more.

Have all company data, including contact information, at your finger tips.

Connect with any company in the federal market with a click

Quick Connect sends a connection request to any company in the federal market and drives recipients to your company connect page for a quick connection.

Send a standardized or personal connection request.

Links straight to your company connect page showcasing your company.

Get alerted when new connections are established.

Grow your connections into profitable relationships faster.

Track all of your connections in your built-in CRM so you can stay instantly organized and build relationships faster.

Easily track connections and relationships at a company level.

Automatic CRM capabilities make managing relationships easier.

Turn more connections into more profitable relationships faster!

Prime contractors, expand your subcontractor network with a click.

Discover every qualified subcontractor in the market matching your specific job or opportunity requirements.

Quickly vet and connect with companies that offer the best value.

Receive a competitive advantage per job while growing your subcontractor network in less time and effort.

“I have been using it, and it works great!”

- Rita Brooks, Director, Small Business Programs, Corporate SAIC


$499 per year
10-Day Free Trial

Prime Contractors

$999 - $1999 per year
30-60 Day Free Trial