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TeamingPro Features

Get Discovered Through AutoConnect

Prime contractors and federal agencies use our AutoConnect to discover small businesses that match their requirements.

Through our platform, you'll be able to amplify your visibility by enhancing your visibility keywords, capability narrative, LinkedIn company profile and more.

Keeping your information current and robust increases your probability of being contacted by more Prime contractors and Federal agencies.

Quick Connect: Make a Quick B2B Connection

Discover companies through our incumbent and company searches and reach out using our Quick Connect feature.

You'll have to have your company SMTP email server on file. This will ensure that all communications are coming from your company.

Each click is automatically tracked on your dashboard so you keep a clean history of all your reach outs.

Industry-Wide Company Discovery

Find any company within the federal market in just a few clicks.

We have every federal contracting company in the market pre-loaded in our system and keep everyone’s data automatically updated.

Our company search allows you to narrow down your results so you can find the exact companies you are looking.

From here, connecting with the right companies is very fast.

Vet & Verify Federal Contracting Companies

Vet any company in the federal market within a few clicks.

View a company's contract and government customer history to include prime and subcontract work.

From here, you will get an idea of how that company does business, bringing you faster down the road of finding trusted partners.

Opportunity Search with Teammate Recommendations

Search opportunities without having to use

We consistently pull the latest government opportunities and make searching them instant and easy.

Click into any opportunity and our matching algorithms will display a list of strategic companies to connect with for that opportunity.

Once you have the opportunities that interest you, you can download them to a spreadsheet for easy tracking.

Contracts Search with Incumbent Information

Find any prime contract award, including task orders, with incumbent information.

We upload every federal contract and make searching them all very easy.

Using our search, you can quickly narrow down the contracts and incumbent companies you are looking for.

Saved Searches

Create custom searches for opportunities.

Our automated engines run your searches behind the scenes and will alert you of new records.

You will have the ability to download opportunity records to a spreadsheet from both the live and saved searches.