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 Automatically Upload & Track Your Company Connections With Our One-Click CRM.

 Automatically Upload & Track Your Company Connections With Our One-Click CRM.

Easily track and grow your connections into relationships.

Automatically populate your built-in CRM with your company connections. Your team will be immediately organized with the ability to quickly grow existing connections into profitable relationships.

Easily track all relationships at a company level.

Add notes and reminders to each connection for easy tracking and relationship building.

Tag each connection with keywords for fast retrieval.

Connected company data is always automatically up-to-date, no manual entry needed.

Stay instantly organized so you can grow more relationships faster.

Click to view screen shot:

Click to view screen shots:

“Looking up companies is what we use the most, this is a valuable feature!”

- Ken Sherwood - VP Business Development - Zel Technologies LLC

Subcontractor Benefits

Easily track all connections and relationships at a company level.

Full CRM capabilities at your finger tips including notes, reminders, latest activity and more.

Quickly grow your connections into profitable relationships in less time, cost and effort.

Prime Contractor Benefits

Easily track all small business connections established by your team.

Effortlessly engage with your subcontractors with automatic tracking and minimal manual entry.

Quickly report on all subcontractor and small business relationships for your entire company.

Built-in CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool used to track connections and build relationships.

Add companies to your built-in CRM with a cingle click. Once a company is loaded in, we will keep their government information updated for you. The only manual things your team will do is add their notes and set reminders.

Tag companies with keywords for fast, organized retrieval.

You can populate your CRM in a few different ways.

1. You can load any company manually through our easy company loading feature.
2. You can automatically load any company from any search result.
3. You can automatically load any prime contractor from any AutoConnect you responded to.
4. If you're a prime contractor, you can load and responding company into your CRM with a click.