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Rapidly engage the strongest subcontractors and small businesses the market has to offer and win more.

Rapidly engage the strongest subcontractors and small businesses the market has to offer and win more.

Quickly expand your subcontractor and small business networks with AutoConnect.

Instantly reach every subcontractor in the federal market matching your requirements and quickly vet the collection of qualified companies responding to your job or opportunity.

Filter your search to the exact kind of companies in the market that fit your need per job, opportunity, teaming requirement ...

Point and click and create your page detailing your job or opportunity.

AutoConnect will quickly reach out to all matching companies.

Companies who are interested, and have bandwidth, will click into your page and express interest in your job or opportunity.

Quickly vet all responding companies, and engage with the ones that make the most sense for your strategy.

Short Explainer

Click to view screen shots:

Click to view screen shots:

This is an incredibly fast way to discover and engage with qualified subcontractors and small businesses throughout the entire federal market. This not only saves you time, but also provides a competitive advantage by engaging with stronger subcontractors at a faster pace than your competitors.

* This feature is exclusivly reserved for Prime Contractors.
* Subcontractors will automatically receive the benefit of being discovered by prime contractors who utilize this feature.

“I have been using it, and it works great!”

- Rita Brooks, Director, Small Business Programs, Corporate SAIC

Prime Contractor Benefits

Rapidly increase your subcontractor and small business options and network.

Quickly and easily vet each company before taking any next steps.

Engage with the strongest companies quickly and get a competitive edge.

Subcontractor Benefits

Increase your company's visibility and connect with more prime contractors.

Engage with jobs or opportunities matching your capabilities, saving you time.

Effortlessly establish more prime contractor connections to grow your business faster.

AutoConnect FAQ

AutoConnect is a massive search engine that matches every company in the federal market by their capabilities.

We developed AutoConnect so prime contractors and federal agencies can discover every small business in the federal market matching their requirements and quickly connect with them. This immediately broadens the scope of small businesses to the entire federal market making their small business options as wide and robust as possible while increasing small business participation in the federal market.

Any company or government agency that has a need to find subcontractors or small businesses would use AutoConnect.

Here are some use cases:

  • A prime wants to increase their small business or subcontractor options for an opportunity or re-compete contract and strengthen their bid or proposal to get a competitive edge.

  • A prime wants to save time and money building their small business or subcontractor network.

  • A prime has an urgent need to fill a current job or requirement.

  • A government agency wants to make sure they meet the rule of two.

  • Other government entities want to increase their small business participation for any current job or new opportunity.

Prime contractors and government agencies are normally limited to the companies and small businesses they happen to have in their supplier portals or have a relationship with through manual networking.

The argument here is, companies only want to work with other companies they know and trust.

This will never change.

AutoConnect is a way to get to that relationship stage with more qualified companies faster, saving you time and money, while providing you the ability to engage with the strongest companies the market has to offer, providing you a competitive advantage.

Companies will be vetted in the same way you would vet any other company before doing business with them. AutoConnect just gets you there a lot faster with more options.

AutoConnect Pre-Vetting allows our large prime customers the ability to view and vet small businesses before they send out an AutoConnect.

This option is useful for very large federal contracting firms that want to make sure they filter out any potential subcontractors from an AutoConnect that they identify as being in business with a current competitor.

Once large primes filter companies down to the criteria they're looking for, they can pre-vet each company on-screen as well as download the list of matching companies to a spreadsheet that contains each company's high-level company data, to include their capabilities narrative, as well as every contract each matching company has won within the last 5 years.

This makes vetting each small business or subcontractor very fast and easy while also making it possible to upload these matching companies straight into their supplier portals.

Prime contractors and federal agencies set up an AutoConnect for their job or opportunity and our system matches companies to their requirements. The subcontractor is then emailed about the job or opportunity and can decide if they're interested.

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