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Get Connected With Prime Contractors and Government Agencies in the Federal Market

Get Connected With Prime Contractors and Government Agencies in the Federal Market

TeamingPro is a connections hub for the federal market. Large prime contractors and federal agencies use our platform to discover and reach out to small businesses that match their requirements.

How it works

Prime contractors and federal agencies create jobs or opportunities and match subcontractors to their requirements using our AutoConnect tool.

Prime contractors and federal agencies want to find qualified small businesses to subcontract to. Our AutoConnect tool allows them to match companies to their requirements.

If you're a federal contracting company, your base-line company data is pre-loaded in our system. These are your capabilities and other data points from various government sources. This is how we match your company to the prime's or federal governments requirements.

Subcontractor receives an email about the job or opportunity and clicks to check it out.

Subcontractors only receive emails when their company was matched to a requirement.

Most emails come from the prime or federal government email servers but you may occassionally see emails coming from the domain.

Subcontractor shows their interest in the job or opportunity with a click.

Current subscribing companies are let right into the record and can show their interest and interact with the prime or federal agency right away.

New subscribing companies invited by prime contractors or federal agencies receive unlimited access at $499 per year.
This is a 50% discount from our regular annual rate.

Once your company subscribes, you can receive and interact with any prime contractor or federal agency's AutoConnects as well as have full access to our platform. Having access is important since you can increase your company's visibility through your LinkedIn, website and other sources so more prime contractors and federal agencies can find your company.

Prime or federal agency see all interested companies and move onto next steps.

Primes and federal agencies will see your company's information including your contact info and other company information.

We list details about your company including your company logo, company LinkedIn page, capability narrative and more. Subscribers can keep their company's information up-to-date as well as amplify their visibility in order to receive more AutoConnect requests from more prime contractors and federal agencies.

The prime contractor or federal agency can now download your information and move onto next steps.

Beyond direct access to prime contractors and federal agencies, subcontractors have access to an array of features in our platform to include:

Ability to search and download Beta.Sam.Gov opportunities with Save Search capability

Discover and vet other federal contracting companies

Connect with other companies in the federal market