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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Do Business with a HBCU

Author: Tim Hagerty / CEO

For over 180 years, Historically Black Colleges or Universities (HBCUs) have played an important part in the economic, scientific and technological progress of our nation. These colleges and universities were founded to serve the needs of the Black community and have produced thousands of extraordinary graduates who have gone on to be leaders in every field.

Though their primary focus has always been on educating students from Black communities, their campuses and faculties are composed of people from nearly every background.

Doing business with a historically black university represents a great opportunity for any company or organization. Not only will your business benefit by working with some extremely talented and innovative individuals, you’ll also be supporting institutions that truly give back to their communities and our nation as a whole. Here are 5 reasons you should do business with a HBCU:

#1 Limited Resources, Extraordinary Results

Unlike their larger counterparts, who often benefit from wide name recognition, larger student bodies and generous endowments, HBCU’s must often find other ways to secure finances so they can provide the highest level of quality in their instruction and services. These institutions rely heavily on Federal, state and local funding. Through innovation, Historically Black Colleges have created an environment of being able to “do more through less.”

Your collaboration with an HBCU will not only benefit them, but your company may discover new ways to cultivate efficiency and productivity as you learn more about their histories of resourcefulness and adaptation. Over the years, some Historically Black Universities had to close due to a lack of funding and declining enrollment.

By contracting with today’s HBCU’s you can ensure that these remaining institutions that are so vital to their communities continue to thrive, grow and innovate. The health and well-being of these institutions has had such a beneficial impact to the areas they serve.

Working together with these institutions is a win for your organization, a win for the universities, and for the economy as a whole as more graduates bring their unique perspective to American companies.

#2 Untapped Opportunity

As stated above, HBCUs are often at a disadvantage in securing contracts because they lack the name recognition and resources of their larger university counterparts. This represents a great opportunity for your business. Other contractors may overlook these institutions, resulting in a marketplace eager for new and beneficial partnerships.

You’ll have opportunities to bring your expertise to bear on their needs, but also potentially find new lines of business as well. Since the marketplace isn’t as crowded you may be able to provide services more efficiently and profitably than you otherwise would working with larger and more well-known institutions.

There are a host of business opportunities and the potential for increased revenue when working with Historically Black Universities, so don’t miss out.

#3 Diversity in Contracts is Essential

Consumers and shareholders alike recognize the importance of socially responsible business practices. Potential customers and investors are placing a very high value on companies that they perceive as being concerned about increasing minority representation in contract procurement.

There’s no better way to show your commitment to this cause than by doing business with Historically Black colleges. By contracting with an HBCU, you’ll be setting an example for how diversity in your team members and contracts can promote a culture and environment of learning, cooperation, and innovation. It is often said that diversity is a source of strength for various institutions like companies, the military, or schools.

When people have the opportunity to collaborate on solutions, they learn about each other’s perspectives. Partnering with an HBCU gives your company a great advantage in serving more markets more effectively. You’ll find that everyone on your team will become better listeners, better communicators and better problem solvers. Contracting with Historically Black Universities demonstrates that your company does more than simply add key phrases to mission statements.

You will be showing that diversity is an essential part of your business practice. Your company may have affirmative action goals it wishes to meet, and contracting with HBCUs is a great way to meet these goals.

#4 Successful and Long-Term Business Partnerships

By working with a historically black university, you can establish a successful business relationship that will pay dividends for years to come. These institutions have deep roots in their communities.

They also have a network of committed and enthusiastic alumni, many of whom are business owners and executives. You never know what other opportunities will arise when those in the community can see firsthand the quality and expertise you are providing to the HBCU and may consider you for profitable contracts down the road.

#5 Extraordinary People

Despite their often limited resources, Historically black universities have produced graduates who have climbed to the top of their fields. They have often done this in the face of outright hostility and discrimination. HBCU graduates have gone on to serve in every field: physics, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, entertainment, and at the highest levels of our government and military.

Some famous alumni of HBCUs include governmental leaders like the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and current Vice President Kamala Harris, Civil Rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Ralph Abernathy, and athletes such as Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, and Michael Strahan.

There are hundreds of distinguished lesser-known pioneers in their fields such as NASA scientist Katherine Johnson or pioneering physician Dr. Lena Frances Edwards Madison. Though we may not always know their names, these alumni of HBCUs have gone on to long and successful careers and made huge contributions to the arts through writing, painting, poetry, and film; to medicine as surgeons and physicians; to the economy as lawyers, accountants, and business leaders; and in scientific and technical fields.

Your employees and stakeholders will have the opportunity to work with a highly diverse and talented team that makes up the faculty, staff, and student body of a HBCU. Working relationships provide an opportunity for personal growth for your team members as well. You’ll also benefit from the amazing pipeline of talent that can flow into your organization from the ranks of HBCU graduates.

This partnership can strengthen itself year after year. Graduates who become part of your institution will be able to find new ways for your company to innovate, and help you find more opportunities to profit, while at the same time giving back to our communities.

Until next time,
Tim Hagerty CEO / Founder

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