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Top 5 Reasons To Do Business With a Veteran Owned Company In the Federal Market

Author: TeamingPro Staff

Veterans have made many sacrifices in order to defend and protect our country, which can include their health, mental health, and even their lives.

Many former soldiers discover that once their service ends, they find themselves listless and struggling to cope with life outside of the rigid structure of the military. A large percentage of veterans end up self-employed after their service ends while others struggle to find employment because of disabilities received in the line of duty.

There are many reasons to support businesses that are owned by veterans, and here are five of the best, in no particular order.

Reason 1: Quality Skillset

Research has proven that a majority of the qualities that the military instills within its members are the same ones that are highly valued in the business world. You can count on these skills playing a factor if you choose to do business with a veteran-owned business.

  • Leadership

Veterans were trained to be strong leaders and to make important decisions. They also have an ability to motivate and encourage a team, even when the odds seem stacked against them. That means that whatever your project or needs, a veteran-led team will be equal to the task.

  • Problem-Solving

The problem-solving skills taught in the military are easily transferable to any type of problem, including those that face businesses. If you feel that your needs are complex or perhaps have vague elements, you can rest assured that a veteran has the skills necessary to come up with a plan that works for you.

  • Dedication

Veterans have learned a dedication to serving their country that permeates any passion that they develop, including running or working at their business. You know that a veteran is going to give you his best to ensure that you are satisfied with your work, as he has been taught the importance of performing to the best of his ability.

Reason 2: Patriotism

Supporting veteran-owned small businesses (SVOB) is a great way to say thank you for all that the veterans have done in service of our country. It gives you an opportunity to contribute to their attempt to acclimate to their new lives and provide crucial support which can lead to success.

Many times, people want to help veterans, but they don’t know a good way to do so. This is a way that can contribute and make a difference in their lives.

Lists of veteran businesses are available online and many popular franchises are actually run by many former servicemen, so it’s actually not overly difficult to find places where you can go to offer your support.

Every little bit makes a difference, but bringing along friends and bringing together the community can really get the ball rolling and make leaps and strides toward helping a veteran-owned business achieve success.

As an added bonus, you get the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that you played an important role.

Reason 3: Pay-It-Forward

Supporting a veteran-owned business can have a lot of beneficial consequences which many people do not consider.

When a veteran business is successful, it opens up more job opportunities at that business for others to gain employment. That means that more people who need jobs can get the job they need.

As an added bonus, many veterans employ other veterans because they have strong ties and know the struggles of finding gainful employment. So in effect, supporting current veteran business owners can help additional veterans find work as well.

Many of those veterans will view the success of their comrades and will be inspired to pursue their own ventures. That means more veteran-owned businesses will be born and many more people will receive jobs, including other veterans.

It’s a wonderful domino effect where everyone can be a winner.

Reason 4: Indirect Support

There are other ways to support veteran businesses that do not even involve doing business with them directly.

There are a wide variety of nonprofit and charity organizations that work to support veterans in all things, including the business world.

Donating to those organizations puts your money to use providing much-needed assistance, which can help veterans who are not even in business yet get their companies established and acquire additional funding to prove successful.

Another option is simply to skip the “middleman” and make a donation straight to the veteran-owned business itself, no strings attached. That gift can make a huge difference and allow those companies to take their business to a new level and acquire the necessary materials.

Plus, the direct involvement lets them know how much you support and appreciate all they have done and what they are trying to do with their business, giving more of a one-on-one significance with your gift.

Reason 5: Saving Lives

Many former soldiers face mental health issues after the rigors of battle and service, as well as while trying to reacclimate to regular life and find a meaningful life.

Four times more veterans die from suicide than die from combat, and the number of suicides is increasing.

There are many charity organizations that actively work to try to help provide veterans with the support they need to be successful because sometimes a failure at their business attempts can lead to hopelessness and despair which can then lead to worse consequences.

Your business with veteran-owned businesses and supporting organizations can help reduce this number by giving former soldiers more opportunities to be successful.

A thriving business can provide a veteran with a fulfilling challenge that makes him feel useful and successful, helping to combat depression or other unfortunate side effects that are common after military service.

This can be even more significant for a service-disabled veteran-owned business (SDVOSB) because those former soldiers have received injuries or disabilities in service that make it difficult for them to find meaningful employment.

That support to these veterans can be significant and help them overcome adversity to once more find success and meaning.

Good luck out there!
- Your friends at TeamingPro.