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TeamingPro Pricing

Subcontractor and Small Business

Unlimited AutoConnect Interest and Interactions

Show interest for any AutoConnect from any Prime and Government agency

Amplify Your Visibility in the Federal Market

Enhance your capability Narrative and visibility keywords
Include your company's LinkedIn information to be searchable
Manage your NAICS and other identifying company information

Unlimited Quick Connects

Interact with other companies in the federal market
Have your own SMTP email server for outbound emails
Track all outbound communications

Vet and Verify Other Companies

View all contract wins for any company in the federal market
View all government customers for any company in the federal market
Perform competitive analysis and research

Opportunity Search Through

Search opportunities without having to use the government website
See matching companies per opportunity for quick teaming recommendations
Save your searches for update alerts on new opportunity matches
Download search results

1 User Seat - Annual

$999 - Buy Now
* Additional seats can be purchased for $149 after registration

* Discount codes available from our partners

Prime Contractors and Government Agencies

Unlimited AutoConnects

Reduce your time and cost finding qualified small businesses
Access to every company and small business in the federal market
Increase your small business options per opportunity or job
Increase your small business participation per opportunity or job

Discover Qualified Small Businesses Faster

Unlimited small business discovery and interactions
Interact with qualified small businesses matching your requirements
Quickly see the latest company information including LinkedIn profiles and more
Meet or exceed your small business goals

Vet Subcontractors Faster

View subcontractor company data in a single view to include:
LinkedIn company page
Capability narrative
Contract Wins - Subcontracts, Prime Wins and Contract Vehicles

Control All Outbound Communications

Use your own SMTP server for all AutoConnect and Quick Connect reach outs

Populate Your Supplier Portal Faster

Reduce the time and cost of finding qualified small businesses
Download all company contact information to a CRM ready spreadsheet

Free & Paid Options Available - Contact Us for Details
* Private cloud server options available