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Simplify, standardize and track your company's connection requests for the federal market.

Simplify, standardize and track your company's connection requests for the federal market.

Quickly connect with any company in the federal market.

Once you find the companies you want to connect with, send a Quick Connect, a B2B connection request, and quickly connect with the companies that can help your business grow.

Track all connection requests at a company level.

Personalize your company's outreach messaging.

Easily track all outgoing requests for your team.

Get alerted on incoming responses.

Automatically link recipients to your company connection page showcasing your company.

How-to Connect With Companies

Click to view screen shot:

Click to view screen shot:

“TeamingPro has streamlined our approach much more than we could have imagined.

- Benjamin Pittsley - Co-Founder & President - Summit Companies

Subcontractor Benefits

Standardize or personalize your company outreach.

Track all connection requests at a company level to avoid any duplication for your team.

Link recipients to your TeamingPro company page for easy connections.

Prime Contractor Benefits

Easily track and download all connection requests for efficient reporting.

Save time sending connection requests with a click vs. writing each individual email.

Receive automatic tracking of each connection request with no manual entry required.

Company Connection Requests FAQ

You can set up your account to send company connection requests from your company email so it will come from, just as if you were sending a regular email.

To send a company connection request, just find a company you'd like to connect with through our various searches and click the Connect button. Everything from there is automatically handled and tracked for you.

Companies see your message and are directed to your company connect page where they can learn more about your company and download your capability statement. From here they click the connection button and your companies are now connected.

Connected companies are automatically stored in your built-in CRM for easy tracking and relationship building.

The recipient's name is put at the top of the email and your custom message is displayed right under that. After your message, there is a button that will direct the recipient to your company connect page. This is where they will click the connect button and your companies are now connected.

This page displays your company information like your location, NAICS codes, capabilities, capability narrative, capability statement and contact information. Everything a new recipient needs to know about your company to see if they want to connect.

This page is autogenerated and you don't have to do anything to create it or keep it updated. The system will automatically update your NAICS, location and other information as you keep your SAM and other government records updated.

This is a great alternative for companies who don't have or want the extra expense of a company website and want to showcase their company's capabilities in the federal market.

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