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TeamingPro Features

TeamingPro Company Page

This is a free webpage that highlights and showcases your company's capabilities, high-level company information, capability statement and more.

This is also where other companies can connect with yours.

Company connection request recipients are automatically driven to your company page for a fast connection.

Highlight your capability statement for easy downloads.

Customize your company information, connection information, LinkedIn links and more so companies can easily discover and interact with your business.


Expand your networking reach with our open MarketPlace platform. Create posts highlighting your capabilities that can be found by the general public and large companies sourcing small businesses.

Unlimited posts, search, comments and shares within categories that matter for your business.

Find new partners, customers, and opportunities at a quicker rate through an open forum.

Easily track and vet companies you interact with.

Company Connections

Connect with any other company in the federal market through a B2B connection request. You can send and receive connection requests with other companies and rapidly build out your connections to grow your business.

Share and collaborate with your connections to grow your business even faster.

Quickly build out your company's network of other companies to work with.

Share opportunities and expiring contracts with your connections.

Grow your federal contracting business faster.

Company Search

Point, click and search for any company in the federal market. Our company search quickly identifies the right companies to connect with so you can grow more profitable relationships faster.

Filter companies by their government customers, past performance, capabilities, contract vehicles, location and more.

Easily discover companies that match your growth strategies.

Know exactly which companies are positioned to help you grow.

Incumbent Contractor Search

Find incumbent contractors by their contract wins through their government agency customers. This is a great way to know who is doing what kind of work for any given government customer.

Search by government agencies or federal contracting company.

Find incumbent contractors for any prime contract award so you know who to reach out to.

Filter and sort your search by powerful contract win data that matches your growth strategies.

Opportunity Interest

Express interest in opportunities from federal, and your company is automatically highlighted as interested for other companies to see and reach out to.

Express interest as a prime, subcontractor or supplier.

Leave a personalized note viewable by other companies.

Both free and paid users can express interest in unlimited opportunities.

Opportunity & Contract Sharing

Share any federal opportunity and expiring federal contracts with your connections. When you find an opportunity or contract you'd like to collaborate on, you can click the share button and send to any one of your connections with a click.

Notifications are sent to each connection per their communication preferences.

Share more opportunities adn contracts faster for more potential work.

Grow your connections network to share and collaborate more.

Opportunity Search with Save Searches

Search every federal opportunity without having to use federal, download your results to a CRM ready spreadsheet and save your searches for daily alerts for matching records.

Point and click to get the latest federal opportunities.

Download your results to an easy to use, CRM ready spreadsheet for simplified tracking.

Save your search and get alerts of new records.

Company Lookup

View a company's profile, compiled from multiple government and private sources, in a single view. This is a quick way to view and verify company data, certifications, contract history and more.

See all high-level company information per company including contact information, set-asides, capabilities ...

See all contract wins for any company within the last 5 years including all current contract vehicles.

See a breakdown of government customers per type of contract win for fast and easy market research.

Built-in CRM

Quickly grow your company's connections into profitable relationships by being instantly organized and poised for growth.

Easily track connections and relationships at a company level.

Have quick reference to existing relationships when looking for a teaming partner.

Turn more connections into more profitable relationships faster!

Pre-Vetting Company Downloads W\ Contract Details

Pre-vet the companies you'd like to reach out to before anything else happens.

* This feature is great for companies that want to import more small businesses into their supplier portals very quickly.

Pre-vet matching companies by their contract wins, company data, capability narrative and more.

Download all matching companies to a spreadsheet for easy distribution and supplier portal uploads.

Get to the latest matching small businesses per job or opportunity faster without changing the way you like to do business.

Video Training & Business Development Strategies Library

Easy to follow training for the various platform features, along with business development strategy videos covering the most successful strategies utilized by large prime federal contractors, so small business can reduce the learning curve and elevate their business development to a successful level faster.

Easy to follow video and instructional content.

Short, insightful videos so you can learn the strategies that work quickly.

Ever expanding library of training and other video content to help small business compete.

Capability Statement Upload

Upload your company capability statement to your company profile and it will be automatically visible to companies you connect with as well as prime contractors.

Capability statement will be automatically visible on your company page as well as your company profile.

You'll never have to worry about which is the latest version of your capability statement again.

Send companies a connection request and you'll always have your latest capability statement immediately visible and downloadable.

Company Downloads

Download company data from your search results to include contact information, set-asides, NAICS codes, capability narrative and other high-level company data for easy tracking and CRM uploads.

Easy spreadsheet download ready for any CRM or supplier portal upload.

Receive all company level data to include contact information.

Have all company NAICS, size categories, capability narrative and other data at your fingertips for quick reference.

Recommended Teaming Partners

Click into any federal opportunity or expiring federal contract and the system will match recommended companies as potential teaming partners per record.

Matching from every live company in the federal market.

Recommendations are scored per each company's past performance, capabilities and history with the government customer.

Click into each company's profile and vet them before any next steps.

Matched Federal Opportunities and Expiring Federal Contracts

TeamingPro will match current federal opportunities as well as expiring federal contracts to your company's profile multiple times each day.

See a % match for opportunities so you know which ones to concentrate on first.

Matched federal contracts offers the ability to start working business development like the seasoned pros.

Each opportunity and contract are easily shared with any of your connections to get more business going even faster.

Free Registration for Every Business

Free Registration for Every Business